Overcoming Anger

Taking action to calm down and deal with life situations in a productive way.

About Overcoming Anger

When anger becomes a problem, it can destroy your family life, your career, your social life.  It is much more common than you might think.  ​If left it can lead to anxiety and even depression. Take advantage of one-to-one appointments with your therapist to help you to find better ways of dealing with problems.

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Overcoming anger can help with many different issues including:

Building better relationships

Find ways to solve problems

Relationship Issues

Deal with difficult situations

Feeling more in control

Feeling calm & relaxed

Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions will I need?

It is very difficult to say how many sessions you will need.  It depends on the complexity of your problems and your willingness to work on yourself between sessions.

How can I access sessions?

You can attend your sessions in person, talk by telephone or by video link.  For video link you need to have a smart phone, a tablet, a laptop or a PC.  During the pandemic we can only offer either video link or telephone counselling.  This will continue until restrictions are lowered enough to allow us to reopen our Clitheroe practice.

Is what I say in a session confidential?

Yes, everything that you say in a session is confidential and is kept between your therapist and yourself. However, there are circumstances where information may be shared with or without your consent. If your therapist believes that you are actively suicidal, that means that she believes that you would seriously harm yourself with an intention to end your life and that this is imminent, she would share only relevant information to emergency services in order to keep you safe.

Do I have to attend at the same time/ day every time I come?

No, you can arrange your sessions at a times that both you and your therapist mutually agree to.

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